Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Family Movie

We hit the theater today to see our first movie as a family - The Muppets! It was awesome and Meredith loved it. She dozed here and there, but when she was awake was really interested in watching - so much fun.

A Happy Happy New Year

Meredith's gait trainer just arrived and she test drove it for the first time this morning. She took to it instantly! She didn't go very far, but she did move a little bit and was trying to take "steps." It was so inspiring to see her trying so hard and really trying to move her legs in the walking motion. It was amazing. We think this is going to be a great mobility option for her. Yay - Mer's world just got a little bigger! If you look closely, you can also see Meredith's manicure, courtesy of Santa's Hello Kitty nail polish!! Yesterday the three of us got to meet her new baby cousin John - congratulations Auntie Beth and Uncle Paul. And now this.... a great start to 2012!