Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Switching to Keppra

Greg spoke with Dr. Fayad yesterday via phone where it was decided that the best course of action is to switch Meredith's medication to Keppra. Keppra is a similar medicine that also has few side effects, though the one most often noted is an increase in irritability. Hopefully Meredith will not experience this, but if she does, supposedly a dose of vitamin B6 helps combat the issue. So we spend this week tapering off Trileptal and onto Keppra. So far it has gone smoothly and she's taking to it well. Trileptal is really good for some kinds of seizures (the kind that showed up on her EEG), but can actually make other kinds worse. We wonder if the trileptal was making things worse for her since she never had clusters of that many seizures pre-trileptal. Cross your fingers for better results with Keppra!


  1. Visiting from BBC. :) We were never told about the B6, but it did take a while (weeks) for Evan to get adjusted to it. He was grumpy!! We did talk to the neuro to ask what we could do. He decreased the morning dosage slightly, and we don't need to do the B6.

  2. Dealing with unrelenting seizures with our daughter too, and it sucks. I hope the Keppra works for your daughter! Ours takes it along with two others (three others actually, right now).

    The picture in the post below is great - she is so cute!