Friday, July 23, 2010

Little house and a GREAT day

Meredith had an amazing day today! This morning Linda Collins from Perkins School came by to work with Meredith. She has given us so many good ideas on ways to grab and keep Meredith's visual attention. Today she brought by a "little house" she called it, for Meredith to play in. Last time I saw Linda, she described it to me, and I thought it sounded really odd. But after seeing how well Meredith responded to it today, I can't say enough about it! Linda explained that children often like to play in comfy small spaces (tents, cardboard boxes, forts) because they feel safe. So this little house is an acrylic cube that we set over her and it's got holes drilled all around so you can hang whatever toys you want. It blocks out extra visual and auditory stimulation in the room, making it easier to the child to process the sights, sounds and movement of the toys in there. The small space gives the child a sense of spacial awareness and kids like to hear the sound of their own voices in the enclosed space. Linda hooked up all kinds of neat toys in there: a slinky, a whisk with a bell inside it, mylar paper, bells, a duck hanging from a bouncy spring. Meredith responded beautifully to it. She was smiling away, reaching way up high and having a ball. She looked at and played with every single toy in there. Her legs were kicking all around and she was very active and happy. Our day continued on a high note with Meredith ALMOST ROLLING OVER. Toward the end of our appointment, Meredith was laying on her back while I talked with Linda and Sue. A few seconds later, I looked over and she had turned fully onto her side and was playing with her new favorite bracelet. She stayed like that and played for a while. I couldn't believe it! She continued to do this all day today going from flat on her back to swinging her legs up and over and getting herself all the way onto her side. We've seen her go from her side to her belly so we know she can do what it takes to get the rest of the way over. We watched her like hawks because we thought today might be the day. It wasn't, but she is so, so close. Linda left the "little house" with us and all the toys she brought over. We will definitely be using this a lot! Very happy day today in the Lewis household : )

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  1. She looks so happy in her Little House! That's great that she loves it so much. And way to go on the rolling, I hope she makes it all the way soon! :)