Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ear tubes and a new fancy chair

As a result of the many, many ear infections Meredith has had, she had ear tubes put in yesterday. Honestly, it was a piece of cake and Meredith was a champ, as always. It only took about 10 minutes and then Mer was awake again, and back to smiling away. The hardest part was getting up early enough to be at the hospital at 6:30am on a freezing cold, snowy morning : )

January has been a funny month for us. Overall, Meredith has been quite sick. She had 3 back-to-back stomach bugs, a staph infection and has lost 3 pounds. But despite her frequent illnesses, her seizures have remained under control. So while it's upsetting that her weight has dropped way off and she's felt awful, we just cannot believe how well she has been doing on her new medication. We are just bursting with joy and relief. Especially since in the past, illness always had triggered seizures. Had we not stumbled across this Lamictal and Dilantin now, I'm sure we would have spent a good amount of time in the hospital this month.

With the seizures at bay, we have noticed a lot of improvement with Meredith's vision and her ability to focus. She watches her hands now when she's playing with a toy, really watching and processing what she's doing. And the increased eye contact and smiles is enough to melt your heart into a giant puddle. Now that Meredith is well, we are back to our rigorous therapy schedule and working on getting her back up to her fighting weight. We are still doing PT 2x/week, OT 1x/week, ST 1x/week and Vision Therapy 2x/month. Perkins School for the blind made a chair for Meredith that Linda Collins brought over for us on Friday. It's the greatest thing, made of durable, lightweight cardboard, so it doesn't weigh a ton and Meredith sits really well in it!

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