Friday, May 6, 2011

Inspiration Through Art

A few months back, Meredith's PT Arlene told us about the Inspiration Through Art project. It's a great non-profit organization where local Photographers and Artists donate their services to our nation's little hero's free of charge. Meredith applied and was selected - woohoo! Tomorrow is her big day, she will be having her very own little photoshoot at our house! We are excited to meet our Photographer, Melissa, who will be coming over for the big event at 10am. Last night we ran out to get Meredith a proper haircut since I've been trimming her bangs since her last "real" haircut - and we all know how well home haircuts turn out : ) I will post some pictures from her shoot here once we get them so you can all see. Crossing my fingers for a happy, smiley, seizure-free morning so all goes smoothly! And I will try not to back-seat Art Direct, but no promises...

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  1. we had a photo shoot through that project too! Back in August. it was awesome! hope it goes great for you all!