Thursday, July 7, 2011

John and Matt visit from CA!

Wednesday morning my two brothers arrived from California for a much anticipated week long visit. We spent a lot of time together and even got to have a little sleepover with cousin Graham while John and Jackie met up with friends. Check out the pic of them snuggling during an Elmo movie. Having handy Uncle Matt around also meant we were able to get our swingset built - woohoo!! After a few days at home, we all headed to the Cape Friday night to continue the family vacation there. We visited with everybody, hit the local beach, went for a long bike ride, got the famous lobster roll at the Raw Bar, did a couple runs over to Popponesset Island and went to Nauset Beach and enjoyed the big waves. We celebrated birthdays for Matt and Dave, got in some good rounds of paddleball, played a little cards and played with snappers which always make me feel like a little kid. Family friends have a place nearby on the water and invited us over to watch the fireworks they do off their dock on Sunday. We were in for a treat!! These were no dinky fireworks - these were real deal, professional-style fireworks! It was really fun and they were kind enough to take us for a ride in the boat too. Thanks again Kathryn and Plato : ) It's been a great vacation so far. It's hot and sunny and Greg and I are enjoying our quiet time here now, just the 3 of us.

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