Tuesday, August 2, 2011

High Low Base arrives

We are loving Meredith's new wheelchair, the Stingray. She gets buckled in in the morning and wheeled right onto the bus where they lock down the wheels just like a wheelchair. It's crash-tested so it acts as a carseat and wheelchair in one. We also ordered a base so we can pop the chair piece off the wheelchair and snap it onto this base for indoor use. This way we can raise and lower her to the appropriate height for all kinds of activities. It's been very handy and is really easy to use. It's great to have another seating option for her since she's just about outgrown the other infant-style chairs we have. Now we have this and the one you can see in the background, her pink chair made by Perkins.

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  1. We had one of those Perkins chair and desk set ups too. :D you are taking me down memory lane here. LOL