Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pancakes in the Park

This is the face of a girl who just had her favorite menu item: pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream.... outside at the park! 82 degrees in March makes for a beautiful day for a walking field trip to the Commons. Mer has been doing really well. Seizures have been pretty well controlled; she still has breakthroughs every 10 days or so, but most have just been single seizures. Thanks to a Melatonin increase, her sleeping has been beautiful and we are all enjoying that little perk! Her gross and fine motor have been status quo for quite some time and the emphasis has really shifted to communication. We now own several switches which we connect to the computer or toys to help teach cause and effect. Meredith doesn't have purposeful use of her hands so she seems to prefer when we mount the switch by her head. Then she uses her head to tap the switch. At times, it appears deliberate, but it's still hard to tell. So we practice, practice, practice with the hope that we'll develop a platform from which to build. It's a long and very slow process, but we are used to abandoning timelines with our little Snarfy, we just keep at it. Mer pretty consistently responds to my and Greg's voices with smiles and eye contact and that definitely keeps us going regardless of what other progress is being made : )

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