Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Superbowl Sunday!

It’s Sunday, February 7th - Happy Superbowl Sunday! Go..... whatever teams are playing!
While Greg is away in Sydney, Australia for work, Meredith and I have kept busy this weekend. We visited good friends Karrie and Colleen in Marshfield where Meredith LOVED chirping along with the exotic bird. Saturday, we went to a beautiful memorial to celebrate the life of my Mom's good friend Judy who will be missed by so many. Meredith was a social butterfly smiling and laughing all day. Last week was packed with appointments at various "ologists." We saw our Developmental Pediatrician who we LOVE. She is amazing. She put us at peace with not having a diagnosis and encouraged us to seek out other local parents who have special needs children. She felt that finding other parents who can relate is really important.

Meredith had a 24 hour EEG on Monday into Tuesday. She has had 2 other EEG’s that both came back normal. Since we now have confirmation that she has had at least one seizure, the Neuro thought it was a good idea to do the 24 hour one. Sometimes kids can be having seizures at night and you wouldn’t even know it (a condition called ESES) and this directly impacts development. The good thing is it can be treated. We are not that hopeful that we will find any new developments with this test, but you never know. Meredith was a champ. She wasn’t happy about getting all the leads attached to her head, but once that was done, she did great. She and Dad picked out a special backpack that would house all her wires and a monitor. So she was very interested in her cheetah backpack that followed her around and we got to keep it after : ) We should hear results in a week or so.

This week we go back to see the Orthopedic surgeon to talk about getting Meredith a supine stander, ankle braces (AFO’s)to wear while in the stander, and possibly some kind of back brace/support. Stay tuned! Meredith's PT is very optimistic that we can get her standing. So we are all excited to see that!

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