Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our visit with the Orthopedic Surgeon

This morning Meredith and I headed into Waltham to see the Orthopedic Surgeon to talk about getting her a Supine Stander. It was a pretty quick appointment and in true Meredith fashion, she slept through the whole thing. He examined her body and hips and did a lot of bending and maneuvering limbs and said "well, if you are wondering if she has any orthopedic abnormalities - she has none!" More good news. He also checked her spine since low tone kids are at risk for scoliosis. Thanks to Meredith's hard work in tummy time boot camp, I am happy to report she has NO curvature of the spine - way to go Mer! He said to hold off on ankle braces for now but to get her a pair of sturdy shoes to wear in the stander - he actually recommended work boots. Anyone know where I can pick up some infant work boots?! Haha. He said she's doing a good job building back and trunk strength on her own and that a back brace would not benefit her since we want her muscles to continue to do the work to build her strength. He gave me a prescription for the stander and we made an appointment on March 5th to get her fitted for it. Insurance will cover 80% which is great. There is another little boy at daycare who also uses a stander so I got to see the one they have at KinderCare today. It is really cool, but GIANT. You can't even fit it in a car so his parents leave it there. I'm hoping we can get a bit more of a sleek model : ) I was told that his is quite old and that they are smaller now, hopefully that is the case!


  1. Can't wait to see what a supine stander looks like. I have visions of a giant space-age sort of contraption with a tiny little Meredith strapped to the bottom!

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